Security officer gets promotion on first day of work for being handsome (Video)

A Nigerian security officer has surprisingly gotten an instant promotion to a supervisor upon assumption of duty.

The owner of the company he was deployed to work, took a special liking to him and chose to promote him on his first day at the office because he’s ‘too cute to be a security guard.’

In a video which surfaced online, the businessman said he would not only turn the guy to a supervisor but will make his salary higher than that of other supervisors in the company.

He asked the young man who seemed shy if he would be comfortable with taking up a supervisory role and he answered affirmatively. According to the boss, it may be that he is a child of grace which was why he got noticed.

During their interaction, the security officer revealed that his mother is a pastor, and it could be connected to why he was fortunate to get an instant promotion.

Watch the video below:

smarty.lee; Grace will locate you this week in Jesus name. Like this comment if you receive it

d.rulahills_decor; This sort of exceeding grace will find each and everyone of us. We would always be on top. We would never ever fail or fall. Amen 🙏❤️

cl_scarface___; This one won use GAY-lussac law

justshuga; When grace speaks for you no one can work against it… lord let your grace speak for everyone reading this.. Amen 🙏

__iamcharis; Fine girl / boy privileges?? It exist! Sometimes….just be fine. People wey fine noh know wetin God do for them. Na why I dey pray to fine🥹😭😭.

sexysleem2; How can I love this video multiple times pls….it got me emotional but grateful for God’s grace upon him(definition of kings shall come to your rising). Cheers to your praying mother 🙌

ikeugwueze; A man saying this to his fellow man, I reserve my comment

mcdanfo; Who wan use GOD play for DOINGS? Even @zubbymichael wey get doings dey bow fr GOD DOINGS….

official_agumoney; Gaybriel doings , Man don look straight into em fellow man eye .. @onyegbuleonweyyya come finish them for me small.

winchesterfrank_; His intentions might be undeniably pure , but in some case emotional intelligence is needed. In my opinion, he should have considered how the other guy would feel.. does it mean the other guy is not fine too , does it mean he is predestined to be a security personnel while the other isn’t..it’s not all about been rich , be smart and intelligent.

The whole action was discriminating. He could have promoted and Praised the new guy without his words and actions been dehumanizing and discriminating.