Secondary school boy demoralised as his crush publicly rejects gifts he bought (Video)

A secondary school student has been left feeling dispirited after buying gifts for his crush only for her to reject everything.

He got his friends to to accompany him as he walked up to where his crush sat during break time and presented her with the gift items.

It was gathered that the incident happened on Valentine’s Day. He could be seen in a video holding the items in his hand as she refused to take them from him.

He waited for some seconds to see if she would change her mind and even his friens slently pleaded with her using hand gestures but she remained resolute.

The student then walked away with his head bent down disappointingly and the girl was still not moved.

Watch the video below:

Similarly, a proposal gone wrong moment which took place at a church left a man feeling heartbroken after being rejected.

He asked for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage while celebrating her birthday in the church premises but she turned him down in front of a crowd of people.

A video making the rounds online shows when he went on one knee and brought out a ring with the hope that she will say yes.

Unfortunately, she refused to accept and stated that they have only been dating for three months and its too early to start thinking of marriage.

She accused him of embarrasing her but the boyfriend seemed confusion by her reaction, and just as he was trying to process what was happening, she smacked him and plastered the cake on his face.

In reaction, mokwuah said; I’ve said this before and I’ll sha say it again, don’t propose to someone you haven’t spoken to about marriage. Stop this ‘out of the blue’ nonsense

amazonbae; Why are some ladies always quick to hit a man? 🥺 Don’t you have brothers? Where did the love suddenly disappear to? 🤦‍♀️Must you hit him to prove your point?

iamyetundebakare; Private Proposal is still the best 👌 because you never can tell if you’ve been dating yourself

triqa_blu; Dem still dey propose for this economy? Check Dat guy, him dey hide new naira notes for him house 🫤

callme_fatima; If Na me sef I go reject him , see his shoes 😒

bitz_and_piecez; But why you wan propose after 3 months? Get to know the person build structures, then bring up that convo and watch the person’s reaction🙄🤦‍♀️ how many times I go teach una this thing?

gylliananthonette; No it’s because there is someone else, Most women dream in a relationship is to get the ring.