School dropout customises his Lamborghini plate number with “No Degree”

A Lamborghini owner has left motorists amazed after seeing the way the rich individual revealed not to have a bachelor’s degree.

In a video posted online, the people driving behind the luxurious ride caught a glimpse of the plate number and saw that it had been customised with the letters; ‘No Degre or GP’.

They exclaimed in attestation of the truth in the short statement which implied that most of the rich people in the world today are not university graduates.

It was gathered that the clip was recorded in South Africa, and during an interview with a TikTok influencer, the Lamborghini owner revealed that he dropped out of high school.

Watch the video below:

jasonusoro; 😂 it’s degree and not degre that’s why they said there’s truth in it

mario_asia1; No degree yet living he’s best life 😂😂😂

deejayblizs; School na scam but make sure u get the degree

hupmizzy; It works for him doesn’t mean it’s gonna work for you

sindaco7441; Bill gate and many other Billionaires comfirm it

bigblanko; No degree bro be balling

busy_ice; The reason it wasn’t even spelt well 😂

iam_hamzyfundz; Shey degree holder fit drive that kind car ni @iskerry_joe werey oni degree Osha tiri

Meanwhile, a young lady has revealed via social media that she dumped her man after she graduated from college.

She took to her Twitter account @_RaaayT and said the reason she ended their relationship was because she realised he was not on her level.

According to the woman, he was also not trying to level up or improve himself so she had to cut ties with him after getting a degree.

She said that she did not see the need for them to still be in the same space for much longer after school.

Ray, however, did not reveal whether he was a school dropout, uneducated or working in unskilled labour sector.

She wrote; “I just graduated from college and I realized a nigga was not on my level and wasn’t trying to be. You can’t help a nigga who doesn’t want to help themselves. I had a major wake up call, just getting a degree, there was no need for him to be in my space any longer.”

Reacting, @BlueJeanStories said; A man was called out the other day for telling other men that this is what women do. Men need to set the same standards as women. Women are ruthless and men should get ruthless too.

@digonwajaypee; These are d folks you guys love unconditionally 😂😂🤣🤣💔 Y’all will learn shaa

@josephmmadu; I’m very much aware that this same guy supported her very well in getting that degree. Keep playing ooh, kings.

@BushBouyForYou; Switch this up and they’ll be screaming “After all we’ve been through together, he left me” To their friends and family for the rest of their lives, girl please.