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SAVE HER by Correct Bro



Gone are the days when we used to cook fried rice with chicken to celebrate Independence Day.

The days when the streets were painted with green and white.

The days when clothing stores are packed with green and white shirts ready to be sold…

The days when people were itching to hear the 7 o clock speech from our president

Gone are the days when we see great match pass from our children, our youths, our military, our civil servants.

What has happened to her?
Is she sick?
Can she be revived?
Is she dead?

So many questions with simple answer but complicated solutions.

The doctors handling her are not capable but won’t let go.

They threaten to kill you if you want to save her.

They keep all her breast milk to themselves and allow her seed to die of starvation.

They throw drops of milk to silent the few grown ups who can talk and lock up the ones who refuse the epileptic offer.

They continually give her wrong dosage of her medicine.

They leave her in a dark ward where the noise of generators worsen her case.

They use the police to prevent her from being saved.

They only come to her seed when they want to rotate the leadership of the hospital.

No wonder the great Chinua Achebe said “There was a country”

Oh But…

Can we save her?
Who will save?
How are we going to save her?

I don’t have the answers, I don’t have the finance to save her, I don’t have the voice to save her but with the power of all her seeds, we can save her.

It is an Independence Day but not a Happy independence day



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