Sapa don touch Santa – Reactions as Father Christmas shares pure water to children (Video)

A video making the rounds on social media captures an African Father Christmas sharing an unexpected gift to kids.

He was captured on tape distributing sachet of water commonly called ‘pure water’ to children.

The boys and girls were made to form a queue and collect a sachet of water one after the other.

It sparked divergent reactions from netizens, while some found it funny, others said it’s as a result of hardship and things might be better next year.

Watch the clip below:

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surdyk_sneh; This one na Sapa Christmas 😁

morakinyo__; Country hard for santa claus too ?? 😂😂😂

tin_ero44; Make them no vex next year go better 😂😂😂😂lol

kev0deccck; Buhari you do dis wan… chei

lgotdreams; He no even add cabin biscuit or coaster. Assuming na me I for use the pure water stone am 😒😡

nanciiiieamy; wait wait wait…. e don bad like this? sapa don touch santa

solab7538; OMO! Things are hard, na sachet water SANTA fit afford this period 😂😂😂

21.09.90ss; Make dem drink water first 😂😂

trust.billi; Why don’t you sponsor and provide toys and cook white rice. At least this father Xmas ain’t faking it like your politicians in 2023.

Meanwhile another video of Chinese school children learning Igbo language at their primary school in China sparked reactions after it surfaced on social media.

The teacher, man believed to be from Nigeria was teaching the pupils basic words in Igbo and they were repeating after him.

Though it is not the first time Chinese children will be seen learning how to speak the native Nigerian language, the recent video sparked mixed reactions.

Many netizens opined that the cons of teaching Igbo to Chinese nationals outweighs the pros of such a cultural promotion programme.

In the video, one could see the kids in school uniform reciting English words and the Igbo translation at the instruction of the teacher whose face was not shown.

_benjaminstewart; Don’t think this is for good.

oluwaseunsakaba; They done collect una country oh

unusualexcel; People weh wan come collect watin we Dey owe them

gerraldpapichulu; This one their papa they produce goods for Igbo men for tradefair and Lagos island .

izutexb2; China 🇨🇳 is preparing the next generation that will take over Nigeria 🇳🇬. After all the debt and loan we got from Chinese government and no means of paying all that debts back. Nigeria govt make una wake up.

its_blackwizzy01; These people are coming to take Nigeria you go see

geelgahmesh; That was the same thing I said o cos some people think they are just doing this for fun LOL, that china will be the a great country it’s inevitable

ybizzy2; Before 2049. China will takeover the world..😢😢 They’r busy teaching younger ones all languages not only Nigeria language but all countries…they’ve secret police stations around the world…even in US ..

krrhyssss; Always thinking ahead, no knowledge is a waste, Nigeria is a known strategic market, knowing the languages is a good idea.