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“So sad he lost his life but guys If you want to be gay there are safety procedures to follow” – Bobrisky Reacts to gay man who died of anal cancer



Bobrisky who was dragged by Nigerians after it was reported that popular Congo Brazaville gay man, Paul Arduad died of anal cancer, has replied those tagging him to Paul’s death.

He wrote on his Snapchat;

“Aww so sad, He lost his life.” Bobrisky consoled with Paul, “But I wanna clear something to some idiot tagging me on this boy’s death. One, I never open to anyone yet that am gay”,

Bobrisky further wrote on how to live as gay, as he also advised that if you don’t have money to take care of yourself, you should stop being gay.

Here are his post;

1. Learn how to stick to one partner, if you wanna mess around. You own your life no one can dictate for you.

2. Learn to love yourself first before helping others. Go for medical check up on your health two times in three moth. Please don’t go to road side nurse and do check up o. I mean travel out of the country for full checkup. USA best place you can go.

3. Use condom if you really wanna mess around.

4. Eat good meal. I mean more of vegetables and fruits.

5. This is the most important one if you wanna be gay or want to take d***. You need to have money. I mean be rich to always look out for yourself. Your partner own is just to cum inside you that all. But is now left for you to know how to take the cum outside.

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