Run from your girl if she can’t handle N500k bill when your card declines – BBNaija’s Tochi

Big Brother Naija 2020 housemate, Tochi, has dished advise to men on what to do if they discover they are dating a lady that can’t support financially.

He said that a lady should be able to support her man by ‘chesting’ a bill of N500,000 when his card declines.

Tochi, in a post on his Instagram story, said if she cannot do that, then the boyfriend should pick up his footwear and take to his heels.

He wrote; “If your babe can not chest a bill of 500k when your card declines my guy! Remove your shoe hold it in your hand! and run.”

See his post:

Meanwhile, a lady has gone on social media to seek advice regarding her relationship of two years and how to manage a recent discovery.

She said her man takes care of her financial needs when necessary, but she discovered that she is an abusive relationship.

According to her, the guy has anger issues and whenever they get into an argument, he shouts overwhelming at her that she ends up apologising.

She explained that she took a Google relationship test and it revealed that she is in a toxic relationship.

She confessed to still being in love with him despite the unpleasant character traits and the fact that he condemns almost everything she does.

She highlighted some of the problems he sees in her, which includes the way she dresses, and she said she cannot have a casual conversation with him because he will always find fault in her statement. The lady lamented about being confused and stuck in the relationship with him.

In her words; “I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 2 years now. He is a good guy he helps me financially when things are bad and advices me as well. But the thing is this guy has anger issues even he dose something wrong and I Complain he will shout talk and talk then I end up apologising. I recently took a relationship quiz on Google and I found out that I am in a toxic relationship.

Everything that points out to a person being toxic is what he is doing, I love him so much I see a future with him as well if he is willing to change and listen But the toxicity is too much. It’s like he never sees anything good in me almost everything I do is bad and he is always right and I am wrong. Even the way I dress he will say this isn’t nice that is nice it diminishes my confidence. I don’t know what to do now because he is all I have I don’t have any man. It so extreme.

I can’t have a conversation or do something with the fear of me not upsetting him I can’t discuss a problem in the relationship with him because he would end up blaming me to be the reason he is doing that or something is like this bad because of me and I end up apologising I am stuck and confused most times because if he does something it’s right if I do it it’s wrong please the house advice me will be reading comments Thank you.”