Ruby Ojiakor denies romantic affair with late Junior Pope

Popular Nigerian actress, Ruby Ojiakor has shut down rumours that she was romantically involved with late actor, John Paul Odonwodo aka Junior Pope.

She addressed the claims in a video posted on Saturday as many believed such due to her passionate advocacy for justice following his tragic death in a boat mishap.

The late actor’s wife, Jennifer further fueled the rumours after unfollowing Ruby on Instagram shortly after her husband’s burial.

Ruby Ojiakor denies romantic affair with late Junior Pope

Ruby stated categorically that Junior Pope was not her boyfriend and there has never been any intimacy between them.

She also clarified that the father of three is not the father of her child, Royalty, noting that she found such assumptions to be amusing.

Ruby Ojiakor said: “Junior Pope was never my boyfriend. There’s no intimacy between myself and Junior Pope. We never dated. Junior Pope was never my intimate friend. He was just my friend. He was more than a friend. He was my big brother

“I also see a lot of posts, some persons will just screenshot and send to me and say, ‘Look at what they’re saying, they said he [Junior Pope] is Royalty’s father.’

“I just looked at it and I laughed. How can people reason this way? Please and please, Junior Pope is not Royalty’s father. He’s not my daughter’s father. I just want to clarify this.”

Watch the video below:


Apparently Ruby Ojiakor have come to address the world she and Junior Pope don’t have anything in common.

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