Robbery gone wrong: Female robbers flee as ladies they tried to rob chase them off with gun (Video)

A video making the rounds on social media shows a robbery gone wrong moment involving two ladies who tried to steal from two fellow women.

The attempted robbery happened in the hallway of a residential building and it was captured by a neighbour’s CCTV camera.

The two female robbers who wore face masks could be seen walking up the stairs to wait for their victim on the upper floor.

When the two girls who live in the building reached their floor and were heading to their apartment, the robbers quickly rushed down to try and dispossess them of their belongings but one of the residents was holding a gun.

She fired gunshots in their direction and the assailants had to take to their heels. But it seems one of them was hit by bullet.

In the clip, a man who heard the gunshots go off opened his door to find out what was happening, but he did not spend seconds outside his apartment before he quickly shut the door.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, a video which made rounds earlier showed the moment a suspected thief was attacked by two guard dogs after he jumped into someone’s compound at night.

The owner of the house came out of the main building to see his dogs pouncing on the man who sat on the floor and was wailing.

He begged the homeowner to intervene as the security dogs were sinking their teeth into his flesh, but the man asked him how he managed to enter his compound.

While one dog was stripping his clothes off, the other one was seething its teeth into the suspect.

The man was cautioning his dogs to stop biting the thief who continued to beg the man to help him break free.

The homeowner kept ordering one of the dogs named ‘Crusher’ to leave the suspect but the animal refused to listen to its owner.

Reacting, @big_hollideh wrote; Crusher after this incident

Owner: why didn’t you stop when I was telling you to stop 🛑

Crusher: I’m sorry sir, I tot you were shouting ‘crush am,crush her’ na devil work

@TheMahleek; Be like Crusher sabi him face somewhere before, he don take am personal😭😭

@Irunnia_; If you can’t get your dogs to stop even after giving them multiple orders then it’s time to let them go. Imagine if this was a child or a family member. Crusher go just dey crush dey go!

@issyfromthe90s; Lol you saying this means you don’t know much about dogs..dogs sense bad intentions too and you can hardly stop them in that case,even the owner,especially if it’s a security dog,once you trespass their territory and you have bad intentions also it does it’s work.

@otunbakunle; If you go by the heartless nature of these thieves, and the emotional trauma they bring to households, you won’t even intervene. This was what they did to my friend’s car earlier today.