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Residents cry for Police help after hoodlums destroy 30 cars



According to residents Ijeshatedo and Ilasamaja areas of Lagos State, a violent fight that ensued between hoodlums which lasted for two days, left more than 14 people injured and had at least 30 vehicles destroyed.

“Mostly, the fights are between some guys in Ilasamaja and their Itire counterparts. We need police to curb their activities,” a resident reportedly said.

Some of the residents said the fighting hoodlums are called ‘No salary Boys’, adding that the police only arrived after the boys had left the vicinity. The streets affected were Shobande, Salami Bashorun, Ogunmuyiwa, Lagos Street, Oredola, and Ogunsami.

The residents call on the Nigeria Police Force to be more proactive and fish out the hoodlums terrorizing the areas.

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