Resident uses dog to chase away Jehovah’s witness preachers (Video)

A young man has been captured on tape scaring off a set of Jehovah’s Witness members who visited his place of residence to preach the gospel.

He could be seen using his guard dog to chase the two ladies away from his compound after knocking on his door.

In the viral video, the Jehovah’s Witness preachers ran for their dear lives without any hesitation or desire to look back.

Resident chase Jehovah Witness

A neighbour who witnessed and record the incident on came laughed over the scene because it was apparently amusing.

Social media users flooded the comment section and expressed disappointment that the preachers fled instead of standing their ground and calling for divine protection.

Watch the video below:

@abazwhyllzz; Why them der run? The Bible says “fear not for I am with you”

@KR3Wmatic; Make she wait na. Jehova go witness her scars. 😂

@A_RWAC; 😂 I told one Jehova witness woman to come inside my room one day, the guy that came with her want to follow I tell Oga say he go see watin him eye dey find, they both left without looking back. 😂

@Glassykuz; People wey dey preach how Daniel prayed in the lions den for God to shut the mouth of the lions,no fit face ordinary dog! Where’s our faith ? Why can’t they pray smh

@obaoyedotun; But in their books they play with wild animals so why she dey fear dog?

@Abiscoj12; However, this is an offense. I wish I can get in touch with them. They can sue the guy for that. And he must pay them. What if car or bike was coming and they ran into it? Or one of them have high BP?

@ikedieze_david; The fact that you guys don’t like them doesn’t mean you should treat them like that,I was born a witness bro, I left cause I found myself doing things that is not right y attending studies, don’t because off what people are saying then you dislike them, don’t judge among church

@tolathebaddest; She for just recite that part wey say ” fear not for I am with you saith the lord” why she run.