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Remake of “Extraction” trailer changed our life story – Ikorodu Bois speak after being invited to Hollywood



Ikorodu Bois, a Nigerian internet sensation who recreate and mimic multi-million dollar music videos and Hollywood trailers, have spoken up after finally attracting massive international attention.

They recently earned an invite to the world premiere of Netflix action thriller, ‘Extraction 2′ after an amazing remake of the first trailer – an invite which was extended by makers of the movie, The Russo Brothers.

In 24 hours, the video garnered four million views and captured the attention of the director and star actor, Chris Hemsworth.

The group comprises three brothers, 23-year-old Babatunde Sanni as the creative director and camera man, Muiz Sanni, 16, Malik Sanni, 10 and their cousin Fawas Aina, 13.

In an interview with PREMIUM TIMES, the group opened up on how the Extraction remake changed their life story.

Speaking on the Extraction video conception, and why they did it..

Babatunde Sanni said: “Our aim and target for making the extraction video was to make Chris Hemsworth and his crew notice our creativity and this didn’t just happen.

“They are also inviting us to the Extraction 2 premiere. Immediately we saw Hemsworth’s tweet we were extremely happy because it what we’ve been waiting for all our lives.

All thanks to our fans, we have been active on social media since 2017, when we launched our Instagram handle. We have already amassed 600,000 followers on the platform and another 100,000 plus on Twitter, which is where our Extraction trailer got noticed.”

In reaction to Chris Hemsworth retweeting their video, Sanni revealed how excited they were.

“We were so happy because the video we’ve been making online for over three years would now be something taking us to great places. We are so happy people are getting to know us globally.”

Responding to the question of being mini-celebrities, Sanni said;

“Celebrities are people that are famous and I don’t think there is anyone that will say he doesn’t know Ikorodu Bois in Ikorodu. That’s not the point, the point is we think to a point, people know the Ikorodu Bois in Ikorodu.”

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