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Religion is a tool used by oppressors to suppress the oppressed – Reno Omokri



Nigerian author and socio-religious commentator, Reno Omokri says that religious is an age long tool used by oppressors to suppress the oppressed.

He stated this in a post on his official Instagram page, while stating that slave masters used pastors to weaken the resolve of their slaves to resolve slavery.

Omokri further said that God is not a religion but a Spirit, and the popular Caucasian image of Jesus Christ used in religious centres and publications around the world is not actually how Jesus looked, rather it is a demonic myth.

In his words; ”Google this:

Slave masters used to bring evangelical pastors to preach to their slaves and weaken their resolve to resist slavery. Religion (not Godliness) is an age old tool used by oppressors to suppress the oppressed. Remember, God is a Spirit, not a religion! The blond haired, blue eyed ‘Jesus’ character is itself a demonic myth. Christ did NOT look like that. His Name is not even Jesus (Christ’s Name given to Him by God is Yeshua, Jesus is not the English for Yeshua).

The earliest images of Christ, even in Europe, were of a dark skinned man. Here I am at the shrine of the Black Madonna in Montserrat Europe. One of the oldest images of Mary in Europe. Another Black Mary exists in Częstochowa, Poland. That image is almost 1000 years old.”

See his post:

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