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RED Digital Cinema and Razer send Ikorodu Bois filming equipment after their viral remake of Money Heist Trailer



Popular Nigerian teen comedians, Ikorodu Bois has gotten some filming equipment worth millions from RED Digital Cinema and Razer after their remake of the Money Heist trailer.

Since the making of the viral Money Heist trailer by the group, they have gotten loads of international recognition.
They also got gifts from Netflix.

In a recent post on social media, they revealed that RED Digital Cinema and Razer have given them a surprise gift.

From the look of things, RED gave them some high grade cameras while Razer gifted them a gaming laptop.

Sharing a snap of the gift, they wrote;

Whattt!! RED!!? you guys are the best! Thank youuuuu @RED_Cinema

Thank you Razer!!
@Razer its totally outstanding

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