Real men care about your brain not the wig on your head – Paul Okoye tells modern ladies

Ace Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye, popularly known as Rudeboy has stated that most men of value do not care about a woman’s wig.

The ‘Reason With Me’ crooner informed modern day ladies who are crazed about buying expensive wigs that intelligence is what ‘real men’ are looking for.

Paul Okoye ladies wig

CorrectNG reports that co-hosts on the rated18 podcast made fun of ladies who parade themselves as baddies while saving up to buy a wig and other expensive accessories.

In an apparent reaction to the podcast, Rudeboy claimed that 99.9% of real men are more interested in a woman’s intelligence than in the artificial hair she wears.

The singer wrote: “Some of y’all wanna level up in life with wigs …. 99.9% of real men no send wetin you put for head …. But atleast just have brain.”

Paul Okoye real men wigs

In another news…

A Nigerian man simply known as Mr Alan has revealed the monetary-related reason he ended his relationship with his lover.

He took to Twitter to narrate that his babe had N200,000 in her bank account and she used everything to buy wig.

According to the young man he had to question her for confirmation and she admitted using her savings to buy wig which is why she was asking him for money.

He tweeted; “She had only 200k in her account and she used all the 200k to buy wig!!”

When some suggested he should run away from her, Alan wrote; “You no need tell me idan, had to confirm it was really her last money, she said yes and that’s why she has me to give her another one.”

A user @DHustle9 said; How do they do this? Spoke to someone just last week about this, she had about 20k and still decided to do “we outside” with everything.

Alan responded; “They know they’ll make the money back once they bill one or two contacts. It’s too easy for them.”

Another tweep @Ifesinachy_; You left a woman who could see the future and took action to secure something before inflation? Do you know that wig of 200k then is now triple the price?