Reactions trail video of church members using mortar and pestle to ‘pound their enemies’

Members of a church have been captured on camera meting out justice to supposed evil forces that are trying to hinder their success.

The congregation which comprises of men, women and children could be seen ‘pounding their enemies’ with mortar and pestle during an intense prayer session.

church members using mortar and pestle to 'pound their enemies'

In the viral clip, their pastor led the prayer session and encouraged them to pound harder so their enemies will be destroyed.

Their action generated massive reactions from netizens who mostly referred to the pounding session as a form of religious brainwashing.

Watch the video below:

Read some comments…

abutu_tracy; Why is the pastor not pounding, shey he doesn’t have enemies nii?

surebillionaire; Life as it is. The Capenter that got the contract to build mortar and pestle will smile…

jrouj_gram; Just imagine say two enemies dey the same church 😂😂😂😂😂

tasiedaniels; Wish I could employ all of them to channel this energy into making pounded yam. 😂

beggeupdate; 😂 The fact that I have done this mumu thing before makes me laugh. I am glad for being woke.

xo_teggylicious; Omoooo🤣🤣🤣🤣 Thank God for awakening o. Na like this I for dey brainwashed???

drjohnokwu5; While the western world that gave us Christianity are busy building industries and creating technologies, we’re busy praying and building churches. Who do us this thing?

kayeriom_talks; Who the pound me since morning 😂😂😂😂😂 no wonder I no fit stand up since

jadevineautos; It is written….. “Our fight is not against people on earth. We are fighting against the rulers and authorities and the powers of this world’s darkness. We are fighting against the spiritual powers of evil in the heavenly places. Eph.6.12. ERV

vendor_turn_ukstudent; It might sound funny and religious to you but I’m sure that’s how stvpid it looked when God’s people were told to walk round the walls of Jericho chanting songs. The ways of God are not the ways of men.

He uses the most foolish thing to confound the wise. Your best wisdom is foolishness before our Great God. That was also how people mocked Noah until the flood came.