Reactions as Native doctor bathes suspected yahoo boys with blood (Video)

A video which surfaced online captures the moment a native doctor was performing a cleansing ritual for suspected fraudsters into Yahoo Plus.

The spiritualist used the blood of an animal to bath the young men so that they can become rich through their chosen criminal activity.

He prayed for them to succeed and broke raw eggs on them as they responded appropriately while in a steaming hot tub of blood.

The boys, about seven in number were all bare-chested as the blood was being sprinkled on their bodies

Social media users expressed angst over the extent some would go to make money.

Watch the video below:

@OmekannayaObi; That is how street madness starts. Evil shall not prevail over good. We must labor and work with our hands and God will bless us.

@Oladapomikky1; “No witch doctor is among the world’s richest men, yet you run to them for wealth”

@Obajemujnr_; This particular set of guys has the best captions when they finally want to oppress with ill-gotten wealth.

“Gods grace”, “Patience is a virtues”, “God did”

Brethren run your own race.

@juliethardt; Because of yahoo 😭😭 see people incoming husband

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady said she prefers getting married to an internet fraudster who is into Yahoo Plus than being with a man who has a regular job.

She explained that Yahoo Plus Boys usually cash out with the help of jazz so they which is a guaranteed way of making sure there is endless supply of money.

She said Yahoo boys are better than working class men because they can always renew their wealth whenever it looks like money is getting exhausted.

According to her, if a working class man goes broke, he has no immediate way of getting rich or escaping financial problems.

The young lady stated this during a street interview as she further said that the fraudsters have family members they can use to replenish their riches, whereas the guys with normal jobs don’t have relatives which is why they are struggling day and night at work.

She also said she likes the way fraudsters pamper their girlfriends, take them out in their cars and how they act like cute couples with the babe in the front seat.

When asked if she would be comfortable staying with a Yahoo boy that is unable to make money for about three years, she rebuked the idea of such happening to her boyfriend.

She, however, reiterated that the benefit of being with him is that if the money gets exhausted he can always use the jazz and renew it.

The interviewer also asked if she is not scared of the fact that EFCC operatives often go after Yahoo boys, but she said she has no business with them.