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Reactions as Governor Wike retweets post mocking Peter Obi

Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike, has stirred reactions on Twitter by reposting a tweet which derided the Labour Party candidate in the 2023 presidential election, Peter Obi.

An APC supporter, Qudus Akanbi has mocked Obi following reports of his detention in the United Kingdom.

He noted that the LP flagbearer was the first presidential candidate from Nigeria to be detained at an airport and he described it as shame to Nigerians.

Qudus with Twitter username @EleyiLagos wrote; “Fellow Nigerians meet Mr. Peter Obi, the first Presidential candidate in the world to be detained by The UK Government at Heathrow Airport.

Obi is the first Presidential candidate to be jailed Abroad. Look at the records and see how Peter Obi dent and disgrace Nigerians.”

Just as the post was going viral, Wike with over 760k followers, retweeted the post to his timeline and it raised red flags.

When he started facing backlash a result of his action, the governor quickly reversed the retweet, but it was too late as people had already taken screenshots.

A recent check on his page shows that he has taken it down, but Nigerians still expressed displeasure especially because Obi consulted Wike on several occasions during campaigns.

See the post below:

Read some comments…

@VictorIsrael_; 😂😂😂😂😂 While Obidients sleep, Governor Wike don go Retweet Akanbi Akanbi Akanbi tweet 😂😂 Mehn! The game is the game 📌

@bhadboydee; Qudus should be arrested, I’ve reported his page severally because of fake news and ethnic violence incitement but the guy doesn’t want to learn

It’s time, they sue him because hes an ethnic bigot on twitter with all fake propaganda because he wants to be noticed

@ChikeOluoma; He forgot to switch Acct before retweeting that,God wan purnish am

@EdidiongJohns12; This wike deno av open him up so is not man of is word na alcohol man him be

@NellyDonDada; He is looking for engagement! Disengage from giving him attention. His press briefing with Channels didn’t work, you now are engaging him. Leave this dude to fade into oblivion.

@Groombothe; Obidient and checkmate na 5 and 6,they’ll always fall for it,wike is nolonger pretending. It’s now an open agenda and he hopes Tinubu win so that Atiku or PO will not jail him.

@saltycrosector; Lol, his fighting for his interest , it’s against his interest for obi to win in court , hand go touch baba

@KenEhi7; APC is trying all means to distract obidient, they keep uploading result on iRev after a month sham election, they are uploading to match with the result they declare their President select, all eyes should be on INEC iRev Portal everyday,they want to perfect their rigging result.