Racism: ‘I feel like quitting football’ -Vinicius Jr breaks down in tears

Real Madrid star, Vinicius Junior has decried racism in La Liga, saying it is making him reconsider his future in football.

Vinicius couldn’t hold back tears during a pre-match conference as he was asked about racism ahead of Brazil’s friendly with Spain.

The 23-year-old winger said he felt less like playing each time he is faced with racism, but he will still remain in Spain so the people who are throw racial slurs can continue to see his face.

The Brazilian star who called for an end to “suffering for black people” also noted that it never crossed his mind to leave Spain completely.

Vinicius said: “I just want to play football but it’s hard to move forward… I feel less and less like playing. It never crossed my mind [to leave Spain] because if I leave Spain, I give the racists exactly what they want.

“I will stay because that way the racists can continue to see my face more and more. I’m a bold player; I play for Real Madrid and we win a lot of titles and that doesn’t sit well with a lot of people.”

In another news…

CorrectNG recalls that a black lady dating a white man was having second thoughts to the possibility of marrying her after a recent quarrel happened.

She said they have been dating for three years and within that period their relationship has been healthy until when he recently used a racist word on her.

The lady revealed that she accidentally dented his truck when she was trying to drive out of the parking lot and he got overtly furious about it that he hurled the N word at her.

She noted that she does not know if it is something she can get over easily even though he keeps apologising and showing her love and affection.

Her words; “Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 3 yrs.. our relationship has been very healthy up until this comment and I have always thought that I wouldn’t even hesitate to say yes if he asked me to marry him.

We have arguments, but they’re never anything too serious. Last night he really blew up at me because I accidentally put a dent in his truck when pulling out of a parking lot and he ended up calling me the hard R (I’m a black female and he’s white) he has never said anything racist before and has apologized already, but I’m very hurt and I honestly can’t stop crying.

He told me that school/work is stressing him out and that he took it out on me in that moment because the dent in the truck was just the cherry on top to everything shitty that’s been happening with him. I know that he is truthfully sorry.. he keeps on repeating it and is giving me an excessive amount of affection, but I don’t know if this is something I can just get over easily.. I love him so much, this really fxxking suxks.”