Queen and her husband are seeking online validation, they won’t be good parents – VeryDarkman

Internet sensation and activist, Martins Otse better known as VeryDarkman has poked holes in the marriage of reality TV star, Queen Mercy and King David.

He stated in a video on his IG page that Queen who has a child with Lord Lamba, is using the baby and her hubby to spite the skit-maker.

Verydarkman shared a snippet from their wedding and questioned whether Queen’s husband, doesn’t feel somehow carrying another man’s child as his own and trying to separate her from her biological father.

Queen and her husband are seeking internet validation VeryDarkman

He also lashed out at critics mocking Lord Lamba that he has lost his child, noting that all the attacks would have made more sense if he denied responsibility.

The online activist also claimed that Lamba still sends child support to Queen every month yet people paint him as a bad guy.

VeryDarkman opined that what King David and his wife are doing is just to get social media validation and their marriage is possibly going to be fraught with issues eventually.

Furthermore, he guessed that Queen is pregnant with and was of the opinion that their child won’t get good parenting with the way they have been behaving.

He said in part; “I pray make this their wedding last because at the end of the day na just public validation these ones dey find, make people talk say ‘Oh they are perfect for each other’. And secondly e belike say the girl get belle because from all the videos I dey see…”

Watch him speak: