Qdot was chasing clout by announcing that I wasn’t dead – Rapper Oladips fumes

Nigerian rapper, Oladipupo Oladimeji, also known as Oladips has continued condemning the action of his colleague, Qdot, who announced that he was alive after reports of his death surfaced.

Last November, there was a death hoax which was pulled by Oladips’ management which they later apologised for after the truth was unraveled.

Oladips Qdot chasing clout

Amid panic amongst Nigerians, Qdot shared a picture of the rapper on his Instagram page, and wrote; “@oladipsoflife, my gee is alive.”

But this did not sit well with Oladips who decided to drag him in a series of posts on his Instagram stories. He accused Qdot of seeking attention by prematurely asserting his well-being during a challenging time.

Speaking in a recent interview on Hip TV, he said if the case were reverse, he would not have hastily made such a declaration regarding someone he calls a friend, rather he would have waited to know what was actually happening.

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Meanwhile, Oladips earlier said; “I know there is cruise, there is clout, and then there is truth…!!! Qdot the reason why you posted ‘My gee is alive’ at a time my family was unsure of my situation is so appalling & uncalled for.

“I dey where I dey struggle with my life you dey post ‘my gee is alive’. Unnecessarily misleading everyone. Made it look like me and you just had a conversation.

“Bro I went through it hard & anything could have happened. The last time I & you had any conversation was Jan 2nd 2022. I get proof & soon I’ll tell the story in full!

“Cos why una dey always do like this for this industry tori Olorun? And to the stupiid boy that posted that I was eating turkey & rice say I dey ‘set ring light’, even posted a video of us hugging each other, making it look like I pranked Nigerians or pulled a stunt, for the record. That video he posted is ‘2 years old’. I get proof… the video was made at my house in Orchid, craazy thing yeah? I don’t even live in that house anymore. tey tey sef!”