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Public schools officially shutdown over fear of Coronavirus



Public school nationwide, have on Thursday, been asked by Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, to close down as from March 2 to prevent the spread of the coronavirus outbreak to get to school children.

The spring break for public schools usually starts late March in Japan, but Abe have insisted the schools should remain closed in order to curtail the spreading disease.

“The government considers the health and safety of children above anything else. We request all primary, junior high and high schools… across the nation to close temporarily from March 2 next week until their spring break.” Abe said.

“Efforts to prevent the spread of infections among children are being made in various areas,” Abe added.

Many public elementary schools and junior high schools in northern Hokkaido were closed on Thursday as the governor has requested the public schools to be closed for about a week. The city of Osaka also said it will close its kindergartens, elementary and junior high schools from Saturday for two weeks

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