Protective 1-yr-old boy refuses to let anyone touch newborn baby brother (Video)

A cute video which surfaced on the internet captures a little boy being a protective older sibling to his baby brother.

The one-year-old kid refused to allow any member of the family touch the newborn baby who was lying comfortably in his arms.

He was sitting with his younger sibling on the sofa when his father came to carry the baby, but he refused to let that happen.

In the video circulating on TikTok, the 1-year-old could be seen aggressively pushing away his father’s hand as he tried to grab the newborn and take him away.

Watch the video below:


My 1yr old thinks his brother is his baby 🤣 Tjis is what happens when daddy attempts to get the baby back #brotherskeeper #siblinggoals #brothers #babiesoftiktok #toddlersoftiktok #americasnephew #brotherlylove

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Similarly a 10-year-old African American girl turned to a non-certified midwife of sorts when her mom went into labour at home.

The brave child helped her pregnant mum to deliver a baby girl with a little external assistance from professionals. Her action helped save her mother’s life during the critical period of childbirth.

It was reported that he mother, Viola Fair, 30, went into labour at home on October 22, and it was apparently three weeks before her due date.

Due to the woman being in excruciating pain and there not being enough time to take her to the hospital, she asked her daughter to call 911.

She did as instructed and spoke with a dispatcher. ”Hi, I think my mom is in labour,” the girl said.

However, she could not wait till the paramedics, who were on their way, arrived so she had to follow all the instructions from the dispatcher and relayed them to her mother to enable her give birth.

The call lasted nearly 11 minutes within which she helped her mom deliver her baby sister safely at home.

The paramedics arrived at their residence moments later and took the mother and her two daughters to the hospital.