Professional footballers are not paid weekly – Super Eagles defender, Troost-Ekong

Super Eagles captain, William Troost-Ekong, has said contrary to what many believe, professional footballers are not paid on a weekly basis.

He made the comment while fielding questions o an episode of the ‘Zero Conditions’ podcast, explaining that although the payment is calculated weekly, players don’t receive their payment every week.

Professional footballers are not paid weekly - Super Eagles defender, Troost-Ekong

The PAOK Salonica defender however, clarified that the payment system varies from country to country and as such he could only speak for himself.

One of the hosts asked: “Do professional footballers get paid weekly like everybody in Nigeria believes?”

Troost-Ekong replied: “No. Some countries they calculate weekly but from what I know, I can only speak for myself, you won’t see anything on weekly basis. It’s not like you’re getting alert every week.”

In similar news…

CorrectNG reported earlier that Nigeria international, Frank Onyeka was the first to disclose that footballers do not get paid weekly wages as widely believed.

The Brentford midfielder said players usually receive their pay in form of salary at the end of the each month as against every week.

Onyeka made this known during an interview on Clout Africa’s ‘Reach Out’ podcast, noting that there were different stories they were told about how they receive remuneration.

He said most of the rumours are not true as what happens is that management calculates the amount each footballer is supposed to receive weekly and pays them the total sum when month ends.

“We dey chill before we go see alert, no be true say na every Friday. Na different story you go dey hear oh, they go tell you say you go dey collect money every week. Them fit dey pay you every week, but you no dey collect am every week, you go dey collect am monthly,” he said.