Producers’ constant demands made me quit acting – Ashmusy

Famous Nigerian skit-maker, Amarachi Amusi also known as Ashmusy has revealed that she used to be an actress, but she quit due to sexual harassment by filmmakers.

She revealed this during an interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo. Ashmusy recounted how she often got invited to private rooms for movie roles.

According to the content creator, there was a time she had to escape from one of the filmmakers she went to meet because she was afraid of being raped.

Ashmusy said when it became to frequent, she decided to finally stop acting in movies because she could not compromise by offering her body.

In her words; “I stopped acting in Nollywood because some producers always asked me to have sex with them. They usually invite me to private rooms, and it got to the point that I had to escape from one of them because I was so scared of being raped.

“When I realized that it was becoming a constant thing in Nollywood, I decided to stop acting in movies because I cannot exchange my body for a movie role.”

Meanwhile in other news…

CorrectNG reported earlier that Ashmusy said she has a personal principle against dating married men. The beautiful comedienne said that though she knows she does not live a holy life, she made a vow to never follow another woman’s husband.

Ashmusy who stated this during an interview, also disclosed that she gets messages and advances from married men but she turns all of them down.

According to the skit-maker, she will get married someday and she would not want her man cheating with younger girls, so her conscience prevents her from doing same to others.

She said; “I always say no to married men approaching me because I have a conscience and I do not want my husband to do the same to me whenever I decide to build a home. I do not want him going after young girls while I am trying to make our marriage work. It would really hurt me.

When asked if she had a body enhancement procedure to get men, Ashmusy said; “Getting your body done makes you want to show off, but I do not do it for money or men. Sometimes, I get messages from men when I post certain kinds of videos, but I do not respond to them. I get a lot of messages from married men, but I do not reply to them because I was raised properly in a Christian home. I am not holy, but I was raised with good morals. I do not date married men.”