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Prince Harry’s lookalike who receives N1.2m weekly to pretend to be the prince laments over lack of jobs



A Prince Harry lookalike has made public his employment woes ever since his doppelganger’s decision to drop his royal title and move to north America.

Mechanic Henry Morely, used to go home with a weekly pay of £2,500 (N1.2m) moonlighting as the prince of northern England’s nightclubs and private parties.

Unfortunately, his lucrative side hustle hit the bricks after Harry and his wife Meghan decided to step back from Royal life earlier this year.

31-year-old Henry says interest in Harry lookalikes has plummeted as the public think the pair have abandoned the country.

Now the garage owner, from Malton, North Yorkshire who has been told by revellers on nights out that he’s Harry’s mirror image for over a decade, is praying Harry patches up his public image in Britain or fears his own career as a lookalike may be gone for good.

Henry said: ‘’Since Harry and Meghan left the UK, I’ve not had a single booking.

‘’A lot of businesses don’t want to use Harry and Meghan to promote themselves because they think they’ve abandoned their country.

‘’I think whether business picks up again will depend on what Harry and Meghan do with their careers.

‘‘If he’s going to stay out of the public eye then that’s my career over.

‘I’m hoping he and Meghan might become stars in their own right in America, but more like Hollywood celebrities rather than royals.’’

Henry revealed that the most lucrative time in his career was around the Royal wedding in 2018 when he was paid up to £1,500 (N775k) per appearance to pretend he was the prince.

He’s even been dubbed the ‘Prince Harry of the north’ after years of guest appearances.

Strangers only began commenting on Henry’s uncanny resemblance to the prince when he hit 18.

And while his fiancé of four years, nurse Emma Young, 27, is jealous of the attention he gets from passers-by who stop him for photos in the street, Henry says he no longer notices people staring at him.

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