Priceless moment two men realised they’re Nigerians after meeting at event in USA (Watch video)

A video which has gone viral on social media captures the priceless moment two Nigerian men realised they are from the same country after meeting abroad.

They met at an event in the United States where one was on red carpet duty as a journalist while the other attended the social occasion as a guest.

Two Nigerian men meet USA

In the clip which has warmed hearts, the guest asked his interviewer where he was from and and he revealed Nigeria, to which he responded “That accent is hard bro.”

The reporter noted that he arrived in the United States nine years ago yet his accent remains the same.

Nigerian men meet USA event

Furthermore, the interviewer asked his respondent which country he comes from and and they both discovered that they are from Anambra state.

There was a burst of brotherly exchange which saw them hugging and doing a cultural handshake before going on with the interview regarding the event in question.

Watch the video below:

@LightHub6; Just kept on watching it, over and over with huge smile on my face. I really love the Igbo people and I will keep saying this “The Igbos are built different by God”. Las las maybe I go just marry one Anambra girl.

@KingMachooo; What else is love if not this, to feel comfortable and happy around your fellow man?…. but someone said pursuing another with cutlass is love.

@QScape_Naija; Our greeting is always top-notch. Handshake, tight hug, slip in a joke followed with loud laughter. That’s why we can be identified from a mile anywhere

@Abi_odun; This is so lovely.. This is the real Nigerian.. We so love ourselves but are divided by religion and tribalism..

@SamuelA13284266; If you want to see love amongst Nigerians,just go to any country outside Nigeria…you will see love amongst them but when they’re back,the hating starts

@EugeneOpara; The interviewer forgot his job as soon as he realized that he was standing next to a brother.

@okeken53; They were foreign accenting, immediately they heard the mother accent n intro. Ha turapu guard. So lovely.

@SureboyPrecious; After some mad people will say Igbos don’t love themselves. I still find it hard to understand where that narrative came from.