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Pretty Nigerian lady narrates how she trained herself in a 2 years program in Oko poly, paid her rent and fees, got herself and her dad new phones with a car wash job (Photos)



A Nigerian lady identified as Raphela Ikeme on Facebook has taken to the platform to narrate how she used a car wash job to train herself in school, paid her rents and got herself and her dad new smart phones.

According to her, she goes to the car wash in the morning before class returns back after class. She also works both on Saturdays and Sundays.

She is not the owner of the car wash, so they pay her base on the numbers of car she washes.

In her word:

Going to CAR WASH every morning both Saturdays and Sundays and from CAR WASH to classes and returning to CAR WASH after classes just to be able to pay School fees, House rent, Feeding and to Take Care of other needs in school and was still able to buy a new smart phone for my Dad and myself just to support d education with this CAR WASH JOB.
And I remember how Happiness filled Dad’s heart when I gave him the new phone I brought for him from the CAR WASH HUSTLE.

WASHING CARS and still get to be paid a little on daily basis depending on the amount of cars washed, if there is no car washed then no money to go home with, dragging cars with men to wash so I can go home with some money for feeding, been the only FEMALE CAR WASHER THERE.

The stress of following Water Tanker Motors to go and supply water to people, climbing high tanks to fill their tankers with water and get paid #300 #500

That is why the little I have I still share with many because I know is not easy out here But with God we smile
Better Is Not Good Enough The Best Is Yet To Come.
It’s Can Only Be God

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