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Pretty lady visits boyfriend at his mechanic workshop to take him out on a date



Photos from the moment a beautiful lady paid a visit to her boyfriend at his Mechanic workshop in Kenya have gone viral on social media.

The couple were seen looking happy in the photos shared on Facebook and it sparked numerous reactions from Kenyans on the platform.

According to a Facebook user, the mechanic had sent money to his lady for her to visit him and just when he taught she was not going to turn up, his girlfriend surprised him.

In Kenya, it has become a worrying norm as women always request transport fare from their men before they visit and mostly the ladies don’t turn up after the men have sent them transport.

In the photos, she visited him at work dressed ready for an outing, and based on reports, she was taking him out on a date.

See some reactions below:

j Vens: Hawa mbavu waneweza aminika kumbe at times

Ivon Rone: Sa hao ndo maboiz wenye tunadai hawachoki

Daniel K Kim: It not fun mrebo ako swa kbxaa

Joko Smoker: This is wonderful!

John Ngunjiri: wat a royal queen

Mary K Nailole: Oooh my goodness

Monica George’s George’s: This is hilarious!!!

Favf Ramill: Banaa,hadi inakaa ameshtuka

Ray Scotty: Big up to the girls who do not judge wat there love

Mercie Musenyaj: Some galz are absolute good….wachana na izi conductor zinginee

Leila Archy: Dis is lovely there gud gals out there btw sio wote wabaya

Pinches Omuse: I wish all ladies could be like that lady

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