Pregnant lady exposed for celebrating two baby showers with different men

A pregnant lady has been outed for lying to two different men that they are each responsible for her unborn baby.

She attended two different baby showers at different times with the men she pinned the child’s paternity on, but both guys were unaware of her game.

The woman was exposed on Facebook by a lady known as Tatyy Riches, who claims to be the sister to one of the men.

Tatyy shared photos of the soon-to-be mother wearing the same dress at different baby showers with the men she supposedly made believe will be be her baby daddys’.

She warned people to beware of people like the lady, and noted that she wanted to embarrass her family, but she would embarass her first.

Tatyy Riches wrote; “Like I said.. two different baby showers, two different nias, SAME DRESS and the bih still out here lying, she wanna embarrass my family ima embarrass her, beware of the whores !! !! !! “

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In similar news, a Kenyan man has revealed how he discovered that his wife cheated on him with multiple men and his was not the biological father of their child.

Atebe explained that he found out about his wife’s infildelity by reading her messages and saw that she informed three different men that they were each the father of her daughter.

Her husband contacted the three men and they all went for a DNA test which revealed that the child belongs to none of them.

According to Atebe, they intend to shock her on her birthday which is 1st of March by each coming with the DNA result proving that she lied to all of them.

He wrote; I found my wife is cheating through sms. She told three guys that they are biological father of my daughter. I did my investigation and I met all three men in private. We did a DNA TEST and results say we are not the biological father.

My wife don’t know that I know I’m not the biological father of our daughter. Date 1/3/2023 is my wife’s birthday and we all planned to give her the gift she will never forget. I invited the three guys and each guy will carry a copy of the DNA results we give to her. We plan to surprise her with DNA results. I hope she will enjoy her birthday.