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Pregnant lady celebrates her promotion from ‘cleaner to madam’ a year after being hired



A young lady has stirred reactions with her celebration of being elevated from being a cleaner to becoming the madam of the house.

In a video story she shared on social media, the pregnant woman lifted her hands up to God in thanks for making her to have a beautiful change from the struggles she was coming from.

She said that after graduating from school she was left with only two options, either to find a decent low income job or settle for being a girl of easy virtue.

The young woman known as Simplisauce said she made a ‘poor choice’ and decided to become a cleaner at her current lover’s house.

According to her, he started making advances just two months after employing her but she thought it was just the expected passes some men make at their attractive helps.

However, it turned out to be that he was serious about being with her and she is now carrying his child, one year after she was hired.

She said that he has already declared readiness to visit her family by the end of the year. While sharig her story with a write-up, Simplisauce was dancing with her baby bump.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, @dotman77said; Story twist: She marries oga then delivers this baby and another twins after. She brings a new cleaner from the village cos of all the housework.

@The_Ngozi; Believe TikTok at your own risk. Be that as it may, WHY IS SHE TELLING US? What is she promoting? Be a cleaner? Sleep with your boss? Get pregnant outside wedlock? You people should not be involving God in some things nau 😫😫😫

@FrankZephyr1; There is something on TikTok that makes people just want to implicate themselves, confess all their past crimes and sins on video and all what not.
These Chinese people need to tell folks what they put inside. This is not normal.

@joshuerbrands; I don’t believe this because she writes too articulately for a secondary school graduate turned cleaner.

In other news, a video which has sparked reactions online captures the over-excited reaction of a security guard to the news of his employer welcoming a child.

A Nigerian man and his wife who just welcomed a baby arrived at their home from the hospital and the gateman was full of joy.

In the video which is circulating on social media, they could be seen stepping out of the car one after the other.

They were treated to a warm welcome from everyone including the gateman who burst into a celebratory dance.

The husband opened the doors for his wife and an elderly woman to alight from the vehicle.

The elderly woman who is believed to be mother to one of them, stepped out of the car with the baby wrapped nicely.

She immediately began dancing when the gateman ran close to her and joined in dancing while lifting hands in thanks.

Netizens were very observant of how the gateman seemed more happy than the couple that just welcomed a baby.

In reaction, @Diasy2021 said; Nobody’s talking about the mother she seems tired.

@ozozahuwa; Congratulations the madam is very nice to her security. See love.

@Fullah B. Bah; Am suspecting the gate man.

@ABI LI TY; Is the gateman dance for me.

@user5418334280084; Congrats ooh the security man gbayi.

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