Pray against poverty – Sabinus says as he enjoys himself

Nigerian comedian and skit-maker, Oga Sabinus has taken to social media to urge fans to pray against poverty.

The content creator made the call via Twitter while sharing photos of him treating himself to a nice English breakfast.

Sabinus, who won an award at the AMVCA 2022 hit the limelight three years ago and has been on a steady rise since.

Taking to his Twitter account, the content creator wrote; “Please let’s pray against poverty o”

See his post:

In related news, a US-based health professional, Stephenia Omeh has asserted that poor people give birth to kids that grow up envying their peers who have rich parents.

The Nigerian lady who slammed the children of the poor said they should not be envious, rather they be angry at their parents for not struggling to become rich when their mates were putting in effort.

Stephenia, who works in Washington DC, said that it’s mostly applicable to the current generation because in the past, poor kids dreamt of becoming like the rich ones and they were never envious.

She wrote; “Poor people breeds kids that envy rich kids. It’s no one’s fault that your parents chose to breed when others are creating wealth. Your envy will never change your predicament – you better start learning from rich people like am doing now.

When I was growing up – we were not that envious of successful people, rather, we wanted to become successful like them. But this new generation of poor people are very ENVIOUS of successful people and will not think twice to k**l that successful individual. Envious Generation!”

Meanwhile, Big Brother Naija season 6 housemate, Nini Singh, earlier said that she would prefer being rich and sad to having happiness as a poor person.

The reality star stated this via her Instagram page and it stirred reactions from fans because she made it known that it will always be her choice no matter the circumstances.

Nini gave the response when she was asked to choose between having riches and being sad or being happy and living as a pauper.

The brand ambassador shared a video which showed her saying she would choose flying all over the world in her private jets, offending with Fendi, crying inside her palatial house or luxurious whip over being poor so that she can maintain her baby girl for life.

According to the Nigerian-Indian, crying in a Lambo is the lifestyle every young girl dreams of having.

She captioned; “Baby girl status for life, who else wants to cry in Lambo with me?”