Portable didn’t copy my style well – Terry G

Controversial music star, Gabriel Oche Amanyi, known professionally as Terry G, has claimed that street-hop artiste Portable copied his style, but didn’t do it wholistically.

The ‘Free Madness’ crooner stated that the ‘Zazuu Zeh’ star copied his character but failed to do the same with the musical part of his talent.

Terry G retirement

Speaking in an episode of The Honest Bunch podcast, Terry G said Portable did not create time to learn any instrument and music is about instruments not just the voice.

He said; “Portable picked the acting part of me. He didn’t pick the musical part of me. Music is about the instruments. Is it only about your voice? He didn’t create time to learn any instrument”.

The musician who recently announced his retirement, also spoke on his fight with his colleague, AY. Com, who featured him on his breakout single ‘Pass Me Ur Luv’.

Terry G said; “I beat AY.Com, I produced ‘Pass Me Ur Luv’, sang the hook and also had a verse on the song so nobody has the right to tell me not to perform that song at my shows. Moreover, he didn’t pay me for the production.”

Meanwhile, in another news….

Last year, Terry G dismissed comparison between him and Portable because they are not on the same level musically and intellectually.

He had said; “It is a good thing. I love Portable so much. Despite the fact that I did the ‘cr@zy genre’ of music, it does not mean that somebody else cannot be inspired and still unique. He is quite unique. There is nothing he has that can be compared to mine, musically and intellectually. I feel nobody should shut him out. He cannot be stopped.

If he stops talking, what else will happen? That is his style. It (controversies) did not just start from me. It started with different guys that represented the streets, and it will still continue. It is normal.”