Portable begs Charles Okocha for backup after getting robbed in Lokoja

Popular street-hop musician, Portable, has been captured on tape asking actor, Charles Okocha aka Igwe Tupac, for support after he was dispossessed of his personal effects in Kogi state.

CorrectNG reported on Friday, June 23 that the Zazuu star got robbed of his clothes and jewelry during a show in Lokoja.

The singer broke down in tears after he jumped into the audience and fans removed his gold chain, clothes and bracelets.

Portable, however, said he was the person who threw his wristwatch into the crowd, but when he was amidst the crowd, they took off his accessories and injured him in the process.

He said that he does not know whether juju (charm) was used on him because he did not realise what was happening until he was too late.


In a video that surfaced after the incident, Portable could be seen narrating what happened to Charles Okocha.

He lamented about how he was presentable and good-looking when he showed up but he was leaving the event as a ‘baboon’.

Igwe Tupac then asked him if he was phenomenal before and after he lost his stuff, but he responded by begging the actor to back him up and so that he could return to the podium.

Watch the video below: