Portable assaulted me, turned me into car cleaner – Young Duu alleges after leaving Zeh Nation

Former Zeh Nation artiste, Young Duu, has broken silence on the reason for his fall out with his ex-boss, Portable and consequent exit from the one-year-old music label.

He claimed that although he was a signee, Portable turned him into a domestic worker who cleans the cars. Young Duu also alleged that the Zazuu star subjected him to serious physical assault while he was with his record label.

The singer and internet sensation made the allegations in response to Portable’s allegations that he betrayed him after he helped him achieve stardom.

It may be recalled that the Zeh Nation founder had warned Young Duu not to cut the ladder he climbed to his success because he might need it someday.

But he told Portable during an Instagram live session that he didn’t cut any “ladder,” adding that he left Zeh Nation in search of success.

Young Duu said; “I did not break any ladder. For those people that know me, I did not break any ladder. The ladder is still strong there. The person that owns the ladder said I should cut the ladder but I refused. Now, he’s saying I’m the one who wants to break the ladder.

“I did not break any ladder. I’m not backstabbing Portable. I’m out for success. I don’t think I did anybody bad. I left Zeh Nation for success. It’s just a help that Portable gave me.

“For how long? Na now una know say… Bro, no whine me o! Make we just forget about all these things. I don’t have much things to say online…Make una [netizeens] know wettin una dey tok. When I dey wash cars, when I dey suffer, when dem dey beat me, when dem dey slap me, when dem dey hit me, where una dey that time?”