Politician’s daughter takes male friends on shopping spree (Video)

A group of young men have rejoiced after being taken shopping by a female friend who paid for their groceries.

The young girl is said to be the daughter of a politician, though her parents name was not mentioned.

In a video making the rounds online, the pretty girl could be seen paying for the items that her two male friends collected from the shelves.

The boys were singing and smiling because of the gesture, while the girl maintained a calm disposition.

Watch the video below:

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Reacting, adorablekiddies_co; They look alike kinda🤷🤷

la_succulentaa; until she gets kidnapped, or her father gets probed 🙃

dee_queenz; Atleast she Dey share the national cake 😂😂

hrmmodupe; A friendship I will run from, don’t want any girl holding anything against me . I don’t care if Bill gates is your dad , we must split the bill!

theshycurvygirl; You people complain too much about everything! I’m tired of you lots in this comment!

shofu01; Funny enough she’s spending your father’s money, your money and your future kid’s money on you. My brother na loss you dey so. 😂

cassypamz; I hope when it’s vice versa I won’t see rubbish comments 😂about women being a gold digger

lovelyn_nwabisi; Setup 😂and she Dey smile 🤦🏾‍♀️

olori_abeke; God o … see her smiling sef 😂😂😂

prettysaints; After this… she’ll start avoiding them 😭

shadesofmartilo; I’m beginning to live this song. 😂😂

thestellium._; It’s just content 😂😂😂 Y’all chill please, Who knows her father Abeg😂

Meanwhile, skit-maker, Caramel Plugg recently advised ladies to go shopping with their man so that they can be pampered with abundant supply of groceries.

She gave the advice using herself as a case study as she showed all the items her boyfriend got for her at the supermarket.

Caramel said the things they bought filled four trolleys and she shared receipts which captured the amount at N815,000.

According to the content creator, the money splashed on her is enough sign that women need to go grocery shopping with their man.