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Policewoman seen giving socks to students while on their way to school (Video)

A female police officer’s gesture towards some secondary school children in Lagos state has melted the hearts of many.

The woman was spotted handing out pairs of stockings to students while they were walking to school in the Sabo area of the state.

She apparently bought the pairs of socks before resuming for work at her duty post so it was already available for distribution when the schoolkids reached her location.

The officer who seemed to have been controlling traffic took a break to carryout the act of generousity close to a busy intersectio where the students cross the road.

The boys decided to put on the socks immediately she handed it to them and each of them proceeded on their journey.

Watch the video below:

In other news, Nigerian media personality, Daddy Freeze, has revealed that he’s never given his mother money since he was born.

The Radio host stated this via his social media page as he stated that there’s no blessing that accompanies the gesture.

Daddy Freeze said there is no blessing in giving your rich parents money and one only gets blessings when they give to the poor.

According to the media personality, If an individual gives his or her parents money when they are struggling then they will be blessed.

He wrote; “There is no blessing in giving your rich parents money. The blessing is when you give to the poor. If your parents are struggling then you are blessed when you give them money or assist them. ‘Honor your father & mother’ should not be monetized!”

Freeze added; ‘Stop normalizing entitlement behavior.’

Akin Alabi commented; A mother that has a life will not even want you to prioritize her over your wife.

Freeze replied; “Shey na my mama wey be Professor of Law, Vice Chancellor of ABUAD wan get time put mouth for my matter? Sometimes one week sef, my mama never pick my call.. My mother is too busy with her career and doing well financially. I have never, as a matter of fact, given my mother money before. The woman hold her side pieces.”