Policewoman cries for help after jumping into car as young men drive her into bush (Video)

A police woman who hurriedly jumped into a motorist’s car found herself in need of rescue as she was driven to an unknown location.

A video which surfaced on the internet captures the moment she was crying for help when they began to drive without stopping.

The incident which happened on Sunday started when the police woman had asked the driver for his license, to which he replied that he forgot it at home.

Without hesitation, the security personnel then jumped into his car, and locked the door of the car. The driver then started driving the car to his house, but the police officer objected and told him to drive to the station instead.

The vehicle was filled with a group of young men who claimed they were taking her to their house.

Rather than do as instructed, they took the female officer to a lonely path which was surrounded by bushes and she got on her walkie talkie to call for backup.

It was gathered that the driver later stopped the car, nobody was hurt as the issue was later resolved.

Watch the video below: