Policeman threatens to arrest dog after the owner failed to provide its license

A video which captures the funny moment a police officer attempted to arrest a dog has stirred reactions online.

The owner was traveling via public transport when the policeman stopped the vehicle he boarded and instructed him to come down with the box he put the canine.

The officer asked its owner to tender the dog’s licence, before he would be allowed to continue his journey, but he revealed that he jus bought it.

According to the security agent, a dog is supposed to have a permit and if the man who owns it cannot provide one then it would be taken to the police station.

When he saw that the policeman was insisting on arresting the animal, its owner said he would take it to the station by himself.

Watch the video below:

In other news, a Caucasian man has taken to social media to reveal how he scammed people who tried to scam him.

The young guy narrated how he was able to make more than $20,000 from defrauding a bunch of internet fraudsters.

According to the techie, he located the scammers through their investment videos online where they released WhatsApp numbers for unsuspecting victims.

He then contacted them and showed interest in making an investment of 20 thousand dollars and asked each of them how much returns they can guarantee.

Excited by the thought of getting such amount from him, some of the cyber scammers promise paying him $140k by the end of the week.

The software engineer then created a fake version of CashApp and recorded a video of himself acting like he is sending $10,000.

However, he programmed it in such a way that made it to look like CashApp is withholding the money because of how large the sum is.

It then requests them to send him $50 to unlock the account so that they can access the 10k they thought he sent to them.

He shared screenshots of his account statement showing how the unsuspecting scammers sent him amounts ranging from 50 dollars to 75 dollars, not knowing that they are being scammed.