Policeman nearly causes car crash while dragging steering wheel with young man (Video)

A young man has been captured on tape crying out to God when a police man hopped into his vehicle and nearly caused an accident.

The officer had jumped into the motorist’s car without permission because he allegedly wanted to extort him.

There was a scuffle because the motorist refused to stop the car so the policeman decided to start dragging the steering wheel with him.

He could be pleading with the security personnel and suggested that they should go to the police station instea of him being harrassed.

But the police officer continued to drag the wheel and the car started to swerve nearly leading to a car crash.

Another man was in the back seat recording the entire incident and thy both warned the police that if he refuses to let go they may lose their lives in a crash.

Watch video below:

Meanwhile, CorrectNG reported on Thursday that the Imo State Police Command dismissed seven police officers for extortion in Umuahia, Abia state.

The policemen were arrested at a bank on 08/11/2022 in the course of performing illegal duty outside their jurisdiction and subsequently arraigned in court.

They appeared before a Magistrate Court in Owerri and were charged with conspiracy to extort money from an innocent victim.

The ex-policemen were found guilty of the charges levelled against them with Sheet Number: No. OW/746C/2022, and were summarily dismissed.

A statement by the State Police Public Relations officer, Michael Abattam on Thursday, identified the erring men as Sgt. Ohakim Chibuzo, Sgt. Irome Finian, Sgt. George Osueke and Cpl. Kelechi Onuegbu.

Others include Nwagoro Isdore, PC Nwadike Stephen and PC Ihemtuge Plastidus we’re dismissed for the offence of Discreditable Conduct, Corrupt Practices and Leaving Beat.

The statement reads;“Sequel to the inundation of the office of the Commissioner of Police with series of reports/complaints by members of the public on Police brutality, harassments, extortion, illegal checking of phones and flagrant disobedience to the Inspector-General of Police directives on extortion and incivility to members of the public, the Imo State Police

“It will be recalled, that the ex-policemen were arrested on 08/11/2022 at about 1300hrs, in a bank at Umuahia, Abia State, in the course of performing illegal duty outside their jurisdiction and conspiracy to extort money from an innocent victim. They were defaulted, tried and found guilty of the charges levelled against them, thus were summarily dismissed and charged to Magistrate Court, Owerri with Charge Sheet Number: No. OW/746C/2022.

“Consequently, the Commissioner of Police has directed all Area Commanders, Heads of Departments (HODs), Divisional Police Officers (DPO) and Tactical Teams Commanders of the various units in the Command to ensure their subordinates are warned against indulging in these sharp practices as any Police Officer found complicit will be made to face disciplinary actions.”