Policeman exposes lady who collected transport money from 7 men but didn’t visit any (Video)

A Nigerian police officer has called out a lady named Ms Charisma, who allegedly scammed seven different men by collecting money for transport from each of them without honouring their invitation.

He exposed her in a trending video and said the victims all came to the station to report a similar case and their investigation revealed that it involved the same girl.

The policeman called Charisma’s phone number to find out why she formed the habit of obtaining money from men under false pretense.

He called the names of the men she supposedly demanded money from, one by one and asked if she knows each of them.

The woman admitted knowing all seven of them when the officer was done mentioning their names. When he probed her to know why she promises to visit but changes her mind whenever they send her the money, she claimed that work and other things usually prevent her from going to see them.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, richboi_wayne wrote; So if this men are married and you are calling out there full names like this, no be wahala you done cause for there family if there wife’s see this post.

buzzingbeesthrillsandtours; Gentlemen, instead of sending money to these pretty ladies, invite them out to some fun events and get to know each other properly..

randyradiolover; Their own better….me wey she collect money for my hand come tell me to drink one yeye gin inaddy , say we go do like mad …na him my mumu self go drink pass normal….babe put off phone , na clinic I land😂😂😂😂😂😂when thomas no wan come down again….thank you Jesus for saving my life😂😂

gbs_gbolahan; I know women can do that but any woman that collect money and did not show up before the end of this year go jam agbako becos as E no easy for una to see money na so E hard for guys too to see money dem go now send you money finish con Dey give stupid excuses Eni kure

oladimejifash; First time in history police man is making report live on social media about hook up girls, nawaoooo wonders shall never ends 😂.if Nigeria police can be this gentle,Nigeria go better, police wahala added to the poor Nigeria 🇳🇬

yombz01; Please be careful of this guy. He claimed he’s a furniture worker. Collected money from me and never finished my work. All the men he mentioned are his accomplices. Be careful. He’s still with my money till this moment. I still have some his artisans equipment for to show up at the real police station.