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Police stole some cash meant for securing the release of a kidnap victim – Lawyer recounts



A Nigerian lawyer simply identified as Tola, has recounted how the greed of some policemen led to the permanent disappearance of a kidnap victim.

According to Tola, the victim, Olanrewaju “Lalah” Fashesin’s family gathered the ransom needed to secure his release from his abductors’ 8 years ago, but officers stole out of the money.

He disclosed that after the incident in 2012, there was no further contact from the kidnappers, hence there was no way of knowing if Lalah was dead or alive.

“8 years ago, the Police stole out of the ransom for the kidnap of my friend’s brother. The family lost contact with the kidnappers afterwards. Lalah would be with his family today if the Police chose his life over their greed.

Olanrewaju “Lalah” Fashesin (1983 – Infinity)”, he wrote.

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