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Police save alleged thief from falling victim to jungle justice

Men of the Benue state police command have rescued a suspected thief from being lynched by an angry mob.

The man simply known as Julius was said to have stolen all the money made from sales in a shop in kassy beach k/ala street, Katsina-Ala Local Government Area of Benue. He was almost given the jungle justice treatment but for the swift intervention of police officers.

This is according to Benue-based activist, Ukan Kurugh, shared the incident via social media on Friday, September 15, 2023.

He wrote; “His Life Was Spared By The Quick Response To The Distress Call! The guy whose picture appeared above {later known as Lxpper Julius} entered a shop close to kassy beach k/ala street and stole all the sales money made for the day but unlucky for him he was about to step out, the owner of the shop with a guy- popular name; “ HOLY GHOST” caught him red handed.

“Area boys descended on him, beating him mercilessly with the intent to burn him, however the Nigeria police Benue state command via a distress call came swiftly and picked him up.”

In related news…

A Nigerian student took to microblogging site, Twitter to narrate how she chased after a phone thief and caught him in school.

The young lady with handle @miidee_ said she saw another lady pursuing a boy into a bush around Geriatrics in UCH. She noted that she did not know what was happening at first until the girl shouted that he was a thief.

Mide said she immediately engaged in a hot pursuit but he met some security guards ahead as he was running and he tried to play smart by saying that a thief was chasing him.

According to the student, she and the security men eventually caught the suspect and collected the phone he stole.

On July 14, she narrated; “Something just happened. Just caught a thief. I don’t think I’ve ever had to run the way I ran tonight.

I don reach my room. So, I was taking a stroll, then at the Geriatrics side in UCH, I Saw a babe chasing a boy from inside that bush. I was confused at first, then she sha shouted that he’s a thief, that’s how I started running after him.

There were some security men in front. As he was running, he was telling them that a thief is after him. I just shouted “Ole” from the back. The babas were like “Ole da” I was like “ole gan gan niyen”. That how this thief started running faster. Me too spoke to my legs!

The security men and I sha caught up with him at that HOR 2 side. Collected the babe’s phone. The men at the guest house came out already to hold him down. Took him to the UCH security guys already. My legs are still shaking.”