Police is here to arrest me – Lady who accused Eniola Badmus of being a pimp cries out (Video)

A Nigerian lady known as Single Ego has raised an alarm on social media over her safety days after she accused Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus of being a pimp.

She said police were trying to break into her residence in the middle of the night to arrest her and she urged people to hold Eniola responsible if anything bad happens to her.

It may be recalled that Ego took to TikTik few days ago and alleged that the movie star of actively searches for curvaceous and voluptuos women which she then introduces to wealthy men and politicians.

According to her, it once happened to her friend who was engaged to be married and solicited by Eniola in December 2022 in a bid to pimp her out. She said the actress approached her friend and collected her phone number, saying she had a wealthy chairman for her.

Ego further accused the Nollywood diva of formerly being a runs girl who used to sleep with different politicians in an attempt to find a way into the political scene and gain relevance. The TikTok lady said that since Ms Badmus had gotten old and was no longer attractive to her clients, they employed her to connect them to young and good-looking ladies.

But in a recent video, Single Ego sent an SOS, claiming that police men stormed her house and were trying to forcefully gain entry in the late hours of the night.

Single Ego expressed deep concern for her safety and stressed that should she disappear or be harmed, people should hold Eniola Badmus responsible.

Watch the video below:

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naturallyoma; I honestly avoid stating my opinions in situations like this but this one is an exception, you come to a wholea** internet and open ur mouth waaaaaaaaaaaa like someone without home training, not scared about anything or anyone when you literally have ur whole life’s information out here on the same internet, now you’re saying we should hold someone if anything happens to you, lol the internet will move on after 3 days 🤡

official_macdennis; You need help? From who?? We follow you talk? Where’s the energy you had when running your mouth? Shey she’s a pimp ? You go prove am na 🤦🏾‍♂️ people go just Dey talk without sense

eva_de_diva01; Na for night una suppose arrest her?? If there’s no secret agenda, why not arrest her during the day, so people would understand her crime, why trying to break her door???

ritaberry_desserts; Freedom after speech wasn’t assured😂 I’m not a fan of Eniola but then
Go and face your consequences. I knew such a day will come cause you derived so much joy in defaming her the other day. Go and become amebo in prison dear.

pashotah; You go Dey talk online, when you know say hungry people Dey outside na just 200k them need, they go drop your house location including your family own….. next time you no go talk anyhow online even if the thing is true 😒

nma_kocha; Imagine this girl! So your voice can be low,, you should be taken straight to kirikiri! Speaking loud nau!!