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Police Demands 5000 Naira Bribe From Bus Driver In Lagos



Mr Folarin Omolola a sales driver to Euro Mega Atlantic Company escaped death by a hair’s breath when his vehicle fell from Ijora/Orile overhead bridge in lagos while two police men tried extorting 5,000 naira from him.

Speaking with the news men, he mentioned that the policemen dragged him out of his vehicle while the engine was still running demanding 5,000 naira from him for no concrete reason disclosing the name of one of the police officers as “Sunday Ayemi”. He further mentioned, it was at this point the vehicle began to roll over the bridge. With the police men seeing the uncontrolled movement of the vehicle, they had no alternative than to flee the scene.

According to Mr. Folarin Omolola, “Immediately, I started to run after the moving vehicle but could not do much until the vehicle fell on the bridge. It was God that saved me, the vehicle would have fallen off the bridge if not for the Kerb.

“We were on our way going back to our office and the policeman said because we have taken one way I must come down to pay N5,000 if not, the van would be impounded.

“I didn’t have N5,000; so as I was negotiating with him somebody alerted me that the van was moving and as I ran down to stop the vehicle, I could not because of the slope.

“I did my best but it was too late, the tyres climbed the kerbs and the van tumbled, it is God that saved my life.’’

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