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Police asked me for bribe so they won’t rape me for not wearing mask – Nigerian lady narrates



A young lady has accused officers of the Nigeria police of threatening to rape her and another girl for not wearing face mask.

The victim’s sister, identified as Izzie on Twitter, originally narrated the ordeal stating that the policemen asked her sister and the other girl to pay some money in order to avoid being raped.

She tweeted: “My younger sister was arrested yesterday for not wearing a face mask and they threatened to have sex with her and another girl if they didn’t pay them some money or they will take them to court. Till now, I don’t have the words to express my anger and disgust.”

The girl who went through the ordeal then replied via handle @piink_carnation: “The younger sister is me. arresting me and another fellow for not wearing face mask and y’all in the station aren’t putting on one.

I wanted to ask why and the girl I was with said I remain silent. that this is Nigeria. one of the police men on the desk said I should cooperate with them by buying my freedom with money so I’ll walk away if not I should be ready to have sex with them. tears rolled down my cheeks. but I’m fine now guy. they released us.”

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