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Police arrest poultry worker who steals chicken from his workplace every night



A man who has been stealing chicken from the farm where he works finally met his waterloo after a trap was set for him.

The suspect, Bamidele was arrested after being nabbed stealing chicken from his place of work, an act he carries out every night.

He is said to have been doing it for a while before a trap was set for him and he was eventually apprehended.

His boss, Abiodun Bello took to Twitter on May 27, 2021 to share the story.

In his words; ”We lost over 250birds within a month without any disease outbreak. The reports we always received was that there was mortalities and the dead birds have been thrown away.

Yesterday Bamidele’s coworker hinted us that he noticed Bamidele usually sneak into the pent late-nights. pick some birds put them in a sack and go out of the farm probably to sell them. We caught Bamidele tonight after setting a trap for him.

We have reported the case to the nearest police station… He mustn’t go unpunished.

The farm been running a loss for weeks to his own knowledge but he doesn’t care if the business folds up. As long as he’s making some money by stealing from the business.

Getting honest, hardworking, diligent workers for one’s business is becoming a huge task.”

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