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Physically challenged man surprises 2 children, shows up and pays their school fees



A man identified as Michael Showunmi has displayed true act of kindness as he paid off the school fees of two kids who couldn’t afford to do so.

The math teacher turned banker surprised the two kids when he showed up at their school and paid their school fees.

Sharing the story on Linkedln, Michael said he had visited his primary school and informed the principal that he desires to pay the school fees of two challenged students.

It was then he came in contact with Timi and Fridause, two students who had struggled to pay their school fees and cleared their bills.

He wrote:

“I went to my primary school … I told the principal I want to help two students with school fees.

“They brought two students – Timi and Fridause. According to the Principal, Fridause has been out of school for 4weeks due to school fees. She started coming the same week I came . Timi had challenges with school fees due to his father’s decease.”

The humanitarian who runs a non-governmental organisation named Raising Stars Africa, stated it is a thing of joy for him being the reason why people smiled.

Nigerians were full of praise for him, while some others spoke on emulating his gesture

Rejoice Adiele said: Well done Michael Showunmi! If we all do our bits in our little corners we will cover the Earth with goodness.

You can imagine how sad these children may have been staying @ home cos of school fees. Isn’t it obvious they missed school? Thank you our own Stellacious ..Stella Da Silva.

The reward for good work is more work.

Stella Da Silva wrote; You inspire me to support you in your cause Michael Showunmi ! You’re the true hero and I’m so happy for Fridause and Timi that they get the chance to go back to school, learning and back with thier friends!

Keep doing what you’re doing and will be there to support!

Temitayo Gbadeyan reacted: So touching, I will be part of this foundation soon.

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