Phyna rejects N13m from BBN sponsor, insists on getting 1 BTC, trip to Maldives

Winner of Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ edition, Josephina Otabor, popularly known as Phyna, has rejected N13 million offered to her by one of the sponsors of the reality show, Quidax.

CorrectNG recalls that over the past few weeks, Phyna had dragged the organizers and sponsors for failing to complete the money and prizes due to her.

Quidax pledged to give Phyna 1 BTC as part of her prizes after winning the show in 2022, but were yet to fulfil their promise two years later.


Following the reality TV star’s recent outburst, they met with her and offered the sum of N13 million which they claimed was the value of 1 BTC in 2022 when they made the pledge.

But Phyna turned down the huge sum of money and explained in a video that what she wants is not the prize given to her by the brand.

She insisted they gave her the 1 BTC which she said is now worth over N90 million. She also insisted that the organisers and associated sponsors must give her tickets for a trip-for-two to Maldives which was also part of her prizes.

Phyna said; “I am standing on my Maldives trip for two. So I’m waiting to get my tickets for Maldives. You can’t give me Kenya or Morocco as options to pick from. I can fund my trip if I want to go to Kenya or Morocco.

“Also, Quidax said they will give me N13m; the rate of 1 BTC in 2022. Before I countered that, I reminded them that as at when I checked in November 2022, 1 BTC was N22m but they insisted that it was N13.8m. So I referred to my Google and it showed me that 1 BTC was about N19m in November 2022.

“If Quidax had given me my 1 BTC in 2022, today I will be having about N96 million sitting in wallet. Now you are telling me that you are going to give me N13m, so what happens to all my lost in the past two, three years?”

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