Phyna doesn’t deserve Big Brother prize money – BBNaija’s Ahneeka

Former Big Brother Naija contestant, Maryanne Iwuchukwu aka Ahneeka, has berated winner of the season 7 edition, Phyna, for publicly calling out the organisers.

Recall that Phyna caused an online drama within the past two months by dragging, MultiChoice and some BBNaija sponsors for not giving her the complete prize money and gifts she was entitled.

Phyna doesn’t deserve Big Brother prize money - BBNaija's Ahneeka

Sharing her thoughts on the matter, Ahneeka said it was not wise idea for Phyna to blackmail the organisers of the reality show.

She spoke during a recent episode of the ‘Terms & Conditions’ podcast, where she opined that Phyna and other past winners don’t deserve their prizes to the extent of being entitled.

Ahneeka said; “The thing about Phyna is, the thing that happens when you come out of Biggie’s house and out of nowhere, from 200 followers, you have millions of people, you think you are invisible.

“It happens to everybody. It takes thoughts and management to continue hustling. If truly the organisers are owing Phyna money and that could be a possibility, it’s still a job at the end of the day. She needed to have found an inner counsel. Maybe she has done that and tried to have a civil discussion and it didn’t work out, I don’t know.

“But if she thinks the best way is to blackmail them on social media, I don’t think it is wise. She could have easily not emerged as the winner. She could have easily been the runner-up. And people saying she deserves the money, listen to me, nobody deserves that money.”